P-Squared T-Squared (P2T2)  

Sacred Music by:


Saturday, March 11 @ 2:30PM

First Church of Christ, Scientist ~ 1205 Pandora Avenue, Victoria BC

Doors open at 2PM

Masking is encouraged at this venue

Tickets $25 in advance and at the door

Inspired by the beauty of the human voice and the magic of polyphony, our Music Director has created a soundscape journey for our March concert. Whimsically titled, audience members will be immersed in music composed by Palestrina, Pärt, Tavener and Tallis -  choral icons from Italy, Estonia and England. The circular, domed venue is the ideal space to enjoy the interplay of four, six and even eight melodic lines as the music unfolds.

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina was an Italian composer of the Late Renaissance period. Known primarily for his masses and motets, Palestrina deeply influenced the development of counterpoint. Essentially, every vocal line he wrote is a melody and all the lines are woven together into cohesive, beautiful harmonies. There is a transparency and elegance to this early polyphonic music. 

Thomas Tallis was a composer of High Renaissance music, and is honoured for his original voice in English choral music. He was one of the first church musicians to write anthems using the English language, whereas most sacred music sets Latin text. Tallis also had to conform to the proclamations of each monarch. Sometimes this allowed him to compose polyphonic works, other times that practice was discouraged (so that the words could be more clearly heard). 

Arvo Pärt and Sir John Tavener, both born in the 20th century, were influenced by these Renaissance masters, as well as Gregorian Chant that predated Palestrina and Tallis. A few of their most accessible works are featured in P-squared T-squared to create balance and show the lineage of choral compositions over time. 

Edette Gagné, Music Director

SPONSORS: Province of BC - Victoria Foundation - Thifty Foods - RBC