Friends of Linden Singers

This page is dedicated to those who have helped
support us during COVID-19...and beyond. THANK You!

Amanda Morrell

Bette Bultena

Cheryl Thomas

Christopher Lefort

Tim Roberts

Michael Nation

David Lindsay

Deborah Higgins

Dirk Yzenbrandt

Peter Parker

Randy Stetson

Richard Baldwin

Robert (Bob) & Susan Gill

Nancy Fung

Sally Whitmore

Susan Kennedy

Susan Leuchter

Thomas Hackney

Yaro Woloshyn

Ann-Marie Thompson


We acknowledge and are thankful for the support the following organizations continue to provide to The Linden Singers of Victoria through our 43 seasons and during COVID restrictions. The ongoing support has provided continued learning, performing and sharing of the joy of music when it is so needed. Additionally we have been able to commission local Canadian composers, support local performing artists as well as hire local video and sound producers thereby supporting the arts in our community.